60 Day Miracle

A comprehensive step-by-step plan to eliminate debt quickly using just your current income. You’ll also learn simple, yet powerful strategies to build your wealth and retire wealthy. Topics covered include maximizing social security benefits, saving on taxes in both working years and retirement, and protecting your estate to pass on a legacy to your family and heirs.

This guide to personal finance can assist you to navigate the complex world of money and avoid making costly mistakes that will keep you from living the lifestyle of your dreams. Ross Jardine shares valuable insights learned from personal experience on starting and building your own business, charitable giving to friends and family, and being a good steward of the resources you’ve worked so hard to acquire over your lifetime.

A simple plan to crush debt, build wealth and reach your retirement goals.

Learn from “Americas Money Mentor” Ross Jardine

A money management plan

A financial plan can only work if you follow it. You bring the motivation, and we’ll help you achieve with jargon-free challenges and ongoing support.

Progress is personal (and it doesn’t happen overnight). I will help you set up a master money management plan. My students can begin experiencing debt relief in the first 60 days.

Along with the 10 lessons you get weekly motivation and tips, to help you keep your financial goals.

  • Transform your financial life in the next 60 Days

  • Payoff debt, and stay out of debt traps

  • Save money in interest payments

  • Learn how to find cash in your budget to jumpstart your plan

  • Learn how to stick to your financial plan and meet your goals

  • See REAL results when you start implementing these skills

  • Discover simple strategies to help save money, and power down your debts even faster