We have a plan for Reward Members to benefit in many ways.  It’s time for a change… Most companies put high requirements and restrictions on maximizing the compensation plan structure – here at Clubco Direct, we want to change that.

Your Rewards Are Far Greater Than Your Risks!


Within any opportunity, results vary based on your own personal efforts. With CLUBCO DIRECT we are making a difference for individuals to build an organization of independent members who also share the same ideals as you.

With consistent effort and commitment, you will gain results in the ability to purchase products and services through your own store at discounted pricing. Creating true leverage in sharing your experience as a Clubco Direct Independent Reward Member.

Multiple Ways To Earn

1. Club Member Order Bonus
Earn 10% on your personally enrolled Club Member’s first commissionable order.

2. Club Member Retention Bonus
Earn continued income on Club Member’s personal purchases.

3. GET 3 Help 3 Bonus
Earn a monthly bonus based on structure – Based on the Enroller.

4. Forced Uni-Level Commissions
You can earn generous team commissions for building an organization

5. Generation Commission Bonus
Receive additional bonus levels based on product or service sales within your team.

6. Fast Start Bonus
Earn a fast-start bonus on Enterprise Qualified Club or Reward Members. Qualification can be achieved with the purchase of an Enterprise Pack or by achieving 500 PQV in a calendar month.

7. Coding Rank Bonus
Earn Coding Rank Bonuses on Enterprise Package sales from qualified Club and Reward Members based on enroller linage unlimited levels.

8. Matching Bonus
This 10% Matching Bonus allows you to participate on the individuals who you enroll.

Shared 2% global pool that is based on leadership ranks.

Recognition, Gifts and Perks are received when a Rewards Member achieves the Rank of Manager or higher for two consecutive months.

*Disclaimer: Clubco Direct prohibits its Independent Reward Members from making income earning claims in association with the promotion of Clubco Direct business opportunities. Whether an individual who becomes a Clubco Direct Reward Member will earn more than he or she pays for the business opportunity depends on multiple independent and dependent variables that are impossible to predict, such as economic factors unique to each location where products/services sales are attempted and the sales talents of each individual Reward Member.