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It is FREE to Join. By
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you have access to
our products and services. 

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Complete Business and
Marketing package in
starting your Clubco Direct

Annual membership fee,
plus applicable sales tax

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Non-Profit Member

Must be a qualified 501c-3
and get approval from
Corporate. The First
Year Fee Waived.

Annual membership fee,
plus applicable sales tax


Choose which Founder package you want. Being a Founding Member has it’s advantages that will allow you to maximize the Rewards Compensation Plan structure. Giving you a head-start on building an organization with other like-minded individuals.

Founder “Show & Tell” Pack

Founder “Show & Tell” Pack pdf

Founder “1 + 1” Pack

Founder “1 + 1” Pack pdf

Requirements for working with or enrolling 501-c3 Non-Profits program with Clubco Direct.

  • You must be at the Rank Level of Director in the Rewards Plan.
  • You must have approval from Clubco Direct Corporate office.

*Clubco Direct prohibits it’s members from making income claims in association with the promotion of Clubco Direct business opportunities. The Clubco Direct business membership opportunity depends on multiple factors that are impossible to predict based on the sales of products and services through the talents of each individual member.

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