Our powerful nutritional products were formulated by doctors for doctors. For over 30 years they were only available to research facilities, nutritional specialists, and healthcare providers. Now we have handpicked out the most popular, most powerful, and most complete formulations and have made them available to the members of Clubco Direct for the first time. This means you can build a comprehensive nutritional program designed around your body’s specific needs with natural remedies.

Our goal is to help make a real difference in your life and make it easy for you to share these benefits with other individuals.

Before Dr. Millet, founded Veo Natural and learning the difference between an enzyme and a botanical, young Allan Millet was scrapping the bark off trees for a supplements company. He enjoyed the work. Allan liked being outdoors and enjoyed working with his hands. What he couldn’t understand though, was what tree bark had to do with nutrition. It wasn’t until his own mother became sick that he began to see the connection between nature and wellness.

Chuck Millet, father to Allan became interested in being a part of a nutrition company and had a chance to purchase an existing nutrition supplement company. In 1980, he conducted a seminar in Acapulco, Mexico. He discussed his interests in nutrition with his friend, Dr. Bruce Halstead, another speaker at the seminar. Halstead insisted that starting a new company, rather than acquiring an existing one, was the best choice. That way, they could “do it right,” explained Halstead. He even offered to help organize the research for around the world.


Dr. Halstead was a world-renown herbalist, researcher, medical doctor, and author of over 300 books. He introduced Chuck Millet to renowned world herb researcher, Dr. Norman Farnsworth. Halstead also obtained research from the World Health Organization, and gathered data from all around the world for the formulation of new products.


In addition to Millet, Halstead and Farnsworth, the team was comprised of many experienced researchers, herbalists, and nutritionists, and practicing physicians. The newly assembled “nutrition dream team” started to meet regularly. Allan’s head was swimming with new ideas as these industry leaders passed through his home to discuss ingredients and formulations. Once their research was evaluated, and the formulas were completed, the doctors began using them with patients. The resulting product line proved to be highly effective in treating specific health conditions. For more than three decades, these products were used for treatment, prevention and improving overall health for thousands of patients all over the world.

The only limitation during that time was that the products were only available through doctors.

Once his father was ready to retire, Dr. Allan Millet took over leadership of the company. His chief priority was to take these products and put them directly into people’s homes. His experience as a doctor had shown him how much bureaucracy can get between a patient and medicine they need. As he explored different ways to get Veo Natural out to the public (everything from small commercial businesses to partnerships with big-box retailers), there always seemed to be too much between the people and the product they need, too many middlemen that wanted a piece of the action. The strength of Veo Natural has always been based on individuals sharing their life-changing results with their friends and families. Dr. Millet decided the best way to get Veo Natural out to the public was by people sharing it with their loved ones. So now the most effective ingredients from around the world, plants and remedies that have been used for thousands of years, are available in your medicine cabinet.