Do you know what you want or what you would like to accomplish in your life?

  • Decide WHAT you want to accomplish in your life.
  • Decide WHY you want to accomplish your goals (what is that burning motivation) – Become passionate.
  • Decide HOW you are going to get to your objective.
  • Decide WHEN your going to work those activities to get you where you need to be.
  • Remember WHO you are becoming in the process and WHERE you want to go.

List what you would do if you had unlimited money, time and resources. Assuming you had zero restriction on your time and money. What is one thing that you’ve always loved or wanted to do everyday if you could?In creating your “Tomorrow” allows you to see where you want to go. Many people struggle with creating a PURPOSE. Hint: Your purpose will come to you as start working the process.

In Robert Ringer’s book, Winning Through Intimidation, the Leapfrog Theory States: No one has an obligation – moral, legal, or otherwise – to “work his/her way up through the ranks.” Every human being possesses an inalienable right to make a unilateral decision to redirect his/her career and begin operating on a higher level at any time that they, and they alone, believes he/she is ready.

It’s just a matter of you taking the necessary Action Steps:

    1. Identify Your Dreams, Goals and Desires
    2. Determine the ideal outcome – What needs to happen for you to have learned the proper Mind and Skill sets.
    3. See the process to help you establish your purpose
    4. Identify the process of what you need to do. Follow a system that others have done before you.
    5. Practice and Implement Skill Sets
    6. Become accountable for your results – Be open to feedback until you optimize your RESULTS.

Clubco Direct is going to reward you in many ways for your efforts, in building an organization. It takes courage, understanding, patience and action to produce predictable results.

We want you to achieve all of your dreams, goals and desires in life. “Go Beyond and Create Tomorrow!”

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