Our Purpose

Our purpose is to support and create opportunities for helping others. We feel that this is vital to our overall concept of “Leaving Someone or Something Better Than We Found It.”   With a Clubco Direct Membership you will know that you, your friends, family and associates are part of a company that cares! We encourage you to assist us in this group effort to “Be The Difference!”

Our Commitment

In today’s fast paced lifestyle, activities and family issues make it difficult to find time for yourself. But, we also understand the importance to help others who are less fortunate. Most of us want to be part of something that is greater than ourselves. We choose to embrace the sense of giving joy into people’s lives and always leave a place better than when we found it.

Give-Back Program

The Give-Back Bonus program is attached to the Clubco Direct “Core Services.” Consider it as part of the services we offer, $10 form this bundle is set aside in an escrow account to be paid on a monthly basis to help and give back “From the Members of Clubco Direct.”

Better Way to Fundraise

Clubco Direct’s Perpetual Fundraising Program offers an easy and convenient way for Non-Profits, Schools and other fundraising needs to earn extra-income. As your program develop so does your organizations potential.

Support activities and programs

Enhance existing fundraising

Generate new cash flow in an ongoing basis

Giving Hand