Founding Members Only

Right now during pre-launch Clubco Direct is looking for leaders who understand the opportunity of a ground floor company.  We have 500 positions (may be modified if deemed necessary) that will be offered as Founding Members. Yes, we do have big plans for those who take the next step with us in growing and sharing the Clubco Direct story.

When we officially launch this Founding Member package will no longer be available.

Past Members of Veo Natural


We want to let you know that Clubco Direct understands the value of Veo Natural and the quality ingredients. We will not change or modify what you have become to love in the benefits of nutrition.

You have the opportunity to build an organization with Clubco Direct. Please, get in contact with your existing upline in Veo Natural and/or contact us personally to answer any questions you have.

How do I create an membership account?

1/Club Membership

Our Club Member is FREE to Join. You are able to purchase products and services.

2/ Reward Members

We have different levels at which you can become a Reward Member. You will need to fill out the necessary application, with a tax identification number and submit it to the corporate.

New ID# and Username

Past Veo Natural members will have to fill out a NEW Clubco Direct Member Application. Please – contact your upline for the code that will give you the necessary information that you are looking for.

What is my Clubco Direct website address?

When you filled out the necessary Clubco Direct member application as a Reward Member you were given the opportunity to create a username. This user name is part of your new website domain link.

For example:

Where can I get more product education?

In your back office you will find a “TRAINING” tab that goes through more about the 4 Pillars of Health and the product packages. Including, recordings of webinars, events and more.

How do I enroll a new member?

Enrolling a new member begins with you using your “JOIN” membership application.  Your new member will fill out their contact and billing information. You will use your Clubco Direct ID# as the enroller and/or sponsor. You can place the new Reward Member into the organization in any open spot by the “sponsor” ID you choose.


I do not live in the United States. Can I shop on this site?

1/ Currently

We are start up company that is registered in the United States. So, this site is only officially open to people who reside in the United States.

2/ Coming Soon

We have every intention on expanding internationally. You are welcome to join our mailing list for updates and future plans for Clubco Direct.

Do I have to be on the bundle services

No – You can pick which services make the most sense to you. However, you will get a significant savings and the benefit of knowing that you are part of the “Give-Back” program.

Just so you understand… The Core Service Program does pay 5%. Services that are on a Alacarte program will be at the 1% commision structure.

Address Verification and why does it matter?

Our system will auto-suggest valid shipping addresses – including 9-digit zip (or “Zip + 4”) codes, which is more accurate than 5 digit zip codes. This will help us in two ways: it’ll help us understand exactly where the address is so that increases the probability of shipping to the right address, the first time. It also enables us to charge a more accurate sales tax, based upon where the product is shipping.

Clubco Direct Services

Our vendor agreements are in place to give you a bigger savings. The billing is through Clubco Direct and any customer service questions in regards to any technology questions or support calls will be directed to the third party vendor.

In the back-office dashboard under the “SERVICES” tab you will be able to manage all of your services.

Save more with our Auto Delivery Program

By being on the Clubco Direct Auto-Delivery Program you can save an additional 10% on all orders. This assists us in the ordering process as it becomes a standing order. However, one of the benefits you have is that you can modify your Auto-Delivery orders on a monthly basis.

For our “Services” – Those will NOT be modified on a monthly basis.