Credit Education Is Crucial To Establishing Your Credit Plan

Don’t let credit report errors cost you in your financial matters, and be prepared to optimize your purchasing power when making large purchases, such as a car or home.  A little education will benefit you for a lifetime. Clubco Direct has teamed up with “New Credit” to give members access to a helpful staff of credit advocates, education resources, and a growing collection of industry notes.

There Are Three Major Credit Reporting Agencies

Credit Score Image
Credit Bureaus

All three credit buearus gather an incredible amount of data on over one billion consumers worldwide. They don’t ask permission nor do they make it easy to manage the dispute process for credit reports.

They collect, aggregate, and sell consumer information. In 2017, one of these companies had a data breach that allowed the personal records of over 143 million people to be stolen.

Clubco Direct Creditworthy Program with The New Credit Company

Credit Perfection:  Consumer Credit Advocates Managing Every Negative Influence

Credit Education:  Learn Your Best Credit Practices For Life

Credit Building:  Perpetual Credit Increases to More Than You Need

Credit Protection:  Managing Abuses & Errors

Loan Preparation:  Know Your Status Before Applying for a Loan

Legal Recourse:  Enforcing Your Legal Rights

Benefits of Great Credit:  “Concierge” Access to New Credit Partners & Providers

Getting Started Is Easy

New Credit Services is available as a monthly subscription.
By purchasing a subscription, you agree to an initial and recurring subscription fee. The recurring subscription fee will be charged monthly on the date of your initial order. If you placed your initial order between the 25th and the 31st of the month, recurring payments will post on the 25th. You may cancel your subscription at any time.

Credit Services – Six Month Program:                      $99/M            (typically 3 dispute cycles)

+$00/M         Premium for Complex Cases

Credit Management Subscription:                           $19/M             (continuous credit advocacy/building)


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  • Credit Analysis for every client from all 3 credit bureau’s.
  • Removes questionable and non-verified accounts from your credit report
  • Average of 4 unfair remarks removed from credit report per cycle.

By law, there is no guarantee as to outcome with respect to credit scores or credit case results.

With that being said, we expect that the vast majority of cases to achieve maximum results within the first three dispute cycles.

Complex cases with significant volumes of more difficult dispute efforts such as bankruptcies or child support cases may require a premium expense due to additional labor needs.

For those with a high number of negative items for attention may require additional dispute cycles for maximum results, for up to six additional months.

All clients that have completed either one or two rounds of credit services qualify for our Credit Management Subscription for continuous protection and building.

In all cases, where we recognize a need or benefit through our valued partners, we can manage introductions and/or the entire process (such as student loan mitigation or legal recourse involving Consumer Protection Laws).