Two things that create wealth.

1. Is to BUILD A BUSINESS that will provide Cash Flow
2. Build a SOLID FOUNDATION that will provide for your future security

With Clubco Direct our end goal is to give members incredible value and create a secondary income for you with products and services that people use everyday.

Key Steps to establishing and growing your Clubco Direct Independent Business

  1. Please, read through your Clubco Direct Membership Folder
  2. Get connected with our newsletters, blogs and/or social media sites
  3. Review your Clubco Direct “Back Office” system. (Username and Login)
  4. Set-up and review you new “Clubco Direct Independent Marketing Website”
  5. Become familiar with the Product and Service Categories


In your Membership Folder you will find “6 Steps to Success – Workbook

Step 1: Creating Your Personal “Lifestyle Plan”
Know the details of your PURPOSE: What is your WHY?

Step 2: Building “YOUR” Belief
B – Be Yourself
E – Extra-Ordinary
L – Learn & Teach
I – Invest in YOURSELF
E – Excel with ATTITUDE

Step 3: Your Story Matters
As you ask others to join you in Clubco Direct – People will ask you “What is it?” Be prepared with an answer that is natural and sparks interest.

Step 4: Clubco Direct Reward Members
Being a Reward Member has its advantages. Learn the basic building blocks to the Clubco Direct Compensation Plan.

Step 5: Your “Fab 5 List” – Who do you see yourself wanting to partner up with?
Start your Prospect List of (10) TEN people you would like to be in business with.

– People you have a common respect for
– People you know who are looking to supplement or replace their current income
– People who can afford to get started now
– Who like to have FUN!

Step 6: The Process
The business opportunity presentation will answer a lot of questions and they will be more likely to join your team.

– Clubco Direct: Recorded Call
– Your Clubco Direct Marketing Website: http://www.IDNUMBER.ClubcoDirect.com (Your new ID Number)
– Recorded Webinar: BPWebinar.com

There are many different ways to share the opportunity with your prospects. It doesn’t matter how you present the opportunity as long as you present it!

Teach Others To Do The Same

At this point, you simply repeat the process and teach your new Reward Member Partners to do the same.

Success Mindset

  • Passion:  Become DRIVEN for your Passion. Do it because you love it. What gets you out of bed in the morning?
  • Work:  It’s all hard work. Nothing comes easily. But I HAVE a lot of FUN.
  • Good:  To be successful put your nose down in something and get GOOD at it. Practice, Practice and Practice.
  • Focus:  I think it all has to do with FOCUSING YOURSELF to one thing.
  • Push:  Push yourself. Physically, mentally, you gotta push, push and push. Through SHYNESS and SELF-DOUBT.
  • Serve:  It is a privilege to SERVE others. Serve others something of VALUE.
  • Ideas:  Listen, Observe, Be Curious, Problem Solve and Make CONNECTIONS.
  • Persist:  Persistence is the number one reason for our success.