Designed as a powerful mixture of enzymes selected from specific plants to support optimum digestion and food assimilation

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We live as long as our bodies generate enough enzymes to operate all of their metabolic activities’ therefore we need to obtain enzymes from outside sources such as food instead of relying solely on what our bodies can produce.

This acid-stable mixture of enzymes, taken from selected plants, promotes optimum activity in human digestion. ACTIVE will provide support for even the most difficult food breakdown. This product contains zero chemicals, preservatives or milk products, which makes it truly organic and vegetarian-friendly.

Enzymes are metabolism catalysts mostly made up of specific proteins. The functions of all living tissue depend on enzymes to make things happen, yet they are extremely difficult to obtain from food. Every organ, gland and tissue in our bodies needs enzymes to function properly. Amylase is essential for carbohydrate digestion, Protease for protein digestion, Lipase for fat digestion and Cellulase for cellulose breakdown. Each of these enzymes acts on a particular nutrient; when working simultaneously, they can keep human digestion normal and our bodies healthy.

We produce these enzymes in our bodies, but this production is very limited in number. Each enzyme has a specific work it is required to do, and after each one does its specific duty it is expelled from the body. Our selection of quality vegetable enzymes for this product include consideration to 1) temperature of maximum activity, 2) variety of foods acted on, 3) measures activity level, and 4) effective pH range. The enzymes in this product are of 100 percent vegetable source, provide the optimum in the above criteria and have an effective pH range of 2.4-9.8.

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